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Is it that time already? Cricky! It is, Time for another Rock Band Tournament! Our first Rock Band Tournament on Rock Band 3.
Just have a look out on the Saturday for the 4 strapping lads in blue shirts bearing the DDRUK Logo, hanging around a Rock Band setup if you want to enter.
Here is a quick shoot of the rules:
Traditional 4 person band’s only (Guitarist, Bassist, Vocalist and Drummer)
Play the seeding song which is decided on the day from this list:
Just like Heaven – The Cure
I wanna Be Sedated – The Ramones
Stop Me if you think you’ve heard this one before – The Smiths
Get Free – The Vines
Killing Loneliness – H.I.M
Heart of Glass – Blondie

Get into the Top 4 and stay there
Come back at 2 O’Clock to see if your band is through to the next round
Pick a song for your band, as the other 3 bands do the same, then play all 4 with the lowest scoring band being eliminated.
Pick another song, as the other 2 bands again do the same, lowest score gets elminated.
Final’s will be each band picking a song and playing the final setlist of 2, Highest score wins.

Need more details? Grab them after the break.

Taken from the post over at MCM London Expo Forums

Abbreviations: RB = Rock Band, RB2 = Rock Band 2, RB3 = Rock Band 3, LRB = Lego Rock Band, RBN = Rock Band Network (A constantly expanding network of songs from “Indie” bands,) DLC = Downloadable Content (Songs that have been officially done and released.)
Entry will begin when the doors open for seeding, all bands must play the Seeding song in-order to qualify, and scores will be recorded. The highest 4 bands will be allowed to enter the next round, which will begin at 2 O’Clock the same day.
The seeding song will be decided on the day from a list of 6 songs which are below. The seeding song will be an ON THE DISK song, not from DLC, RB1, RB2, RBN or LRB.
The Six possible songs for Seeding
>Just like Heaven – The Cure
>I wanna Be Sedated – The Ramones
>Stop Me if you think you’ve heard this one before – The Smiths
>Get Free – The Vines
>Killing Loneliness – H.I.M
>Heart of Glass – Blondie

Round 1
The four bands will select ONE song, with no limitations (Except for the ones listed below) from the entire setlist. The lowest seed will then play all 4 songs in what ever order they so choose, with the cumulative score being gathered. The third, second and first seeds will then play after.
If a band fails to pass a song within the list, the score until that point will be recorded, and added in.
The lowest scoring band from this round will be eliminated.
Round 2
The three bands will select one song, with the restriction being that it can not be any from round 1, The band with the lowest score (minus obviously the band knocked out) will play all three songs, with second and first following after, with cumulative scores being tallied up after.
The lowest scoring band will again be eliminated.
The top two bands from round 2 will go head to head, picking 1 song each, with a final set list of 2 songs, the same restriction of no previous song being selectable is still in action.
The final score will be the net collection from all the songs.
Extra rules
If a band fails to show at the times listed then they will be disqualified, and there place void.
No band can attempt to reseed, unless the band is composed of at least 3 different members and no member of this new formed band are in the top 4. (Ie. Barry Mannings is part of Barry’s Magic Kit-Kat, They are in fourth place, No member of Barry’s Magic Kit-Kat can attempt to be in another band, until it’s pushed down to 5th or lower.)
Requests for left handed mode must be made before song selection.
You must sing, if it is suspected that your just humming, vocal’s volume will be switched on to verify.
If a band feels that the equipment has caused a fault, it must be made known immediately and at the first possible opportunity via pause, the other bands (at least 1 from each other band) must then vote on if it is actually a fault or if it is the band just attempting a replay on account of messing up. If it is indeed a fault then the song can be replayed after an attempted fix or if it is deemed not a fault of equipment but a fault of player, then the song will go on after a 3 second count down. This can be preformed 3 times at maximum throughout the whole tournament.
Respect the equipment, This is my own equipment that I paid for, slamming guitars into the floor is not cool and will NOT be tolerated.
The following song limitations have been added, The same songs as before are banned due to length, The Camera Eye, Jailbreak (Live) and Green Grass and High Tides, Do you feel like we do (Live), The reason for this is the possibility of having to sit through 40 minutes of the Camera Eye, seriously, could you take that? No? didn’t think so.

Matt – Shadowman – King Hot Chip (Pink Fondant Fancies Bassist and DDR:UK Rock Band Tournament Roadie)

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