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I am sorry that this has gone up so late, however I am posting this in my last 15 minutes that I have within the hall before I kicked out! DDR:UK are proud to be a part of the Manchester MCM Expo which is currently being held in Manchester Centre.

We will be here on Saturday with all our usual DDR Machines, Arcade Equipment and Consoles.

Why not pop along and see what we are up to! If you are unable to make it, then you can always look at our webcam and see what we are doing!

For more information about the event, go to the main Manchester MCM Expo website.

One Response to “DDR:UK at the Manchester MCM Expo!”

  • Matthew Tsinontas:

    Im so pumped for this! The last time I went to any DDR related event was the European tournament in London in like 2003 (I was 11 at the time, got placed in the best group and got knocked out, gamestation were there as well!)
    Hopefully see you guys there

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