Hi all its almost that time of year again!

At the October expo this year we will once again be running an open tournament like last year, only this time we are giving you all enough notice about it to turn up rather than rushing it together on the last day!
It will be on the Saturday at around midday, you can register at any time Friday or Saturday just come looking for me (Kris) or ask any of the friendly members of staff and one of them will definitely be able to point you in the right direction!

The rule set will be similar to the one we used last year in that its on an equal ground for all beginner and expert players (In case you weren’t there, last year the top 3 were someone who played on difficult, someone who had never played on a machine before and one of the members of staff who were filling in to give us an even number. In that order) so everyone has a chance to win, and for the added incentive this year we have the championship trophy to play for as well as a number of minor prizes for entrants who make it past certain rounds!

More in-depth rules and details are available here:


Register your interest there and feel free to ask ANY questions about the tournament. Looking forward to hearing from you all and seeing you there!


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