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DDR:UK are back again at the London MCM Expo, held in the ExCeL Centre – London. This time the event is back, bigger than ever before, and linked up to Memorabilia which is happening next door. We are currently underway with setting up, so items in list are subject to change, however we can confirm the following items did make it through the City of London in an old rickty van!

  • DDR:UK’s DanceDX (Arcade)
  • Dance Dance Revolution Supernova 2 (Arcade)
  • Melty Blood (Arcade)
  • Rock Band 3 (XBOX360)
  • Battle Stadium D.O.N (GameCube)
  • Super Street Fighter IV (XBOX360)
  • Singstar/Singstar Sing-along Disney (PS3)
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii)
  • Nintendo 3DS AR Card (Gotta be seen to understand!)

Also, see if you can spot Sonic on our stand, he can’t be missed (literally!)

As always we will have our webcam online, which can be seen here at our Event’s Webcam Page, additionally you can follow us on Twitter by following the link at the side, or clicking here @DDRUK, additionally you can follow us on Facebook.

We hope to see you there!

London MCM Expo

Is it that time already? Cricky! It is, Time for another Rock Band Tournament! Our first Rock Band Tournament on Rock Band 3.
Just have a look out on the Saturday for the 4 strapping lads in blue shirts bearing the DDRUK Logo, hanging around a Rock Band setup if you want to enter.
Here is a quick shoot of the rules:
Traditional 4 person band’s only (Guitarist, Bassist, Vocalist and Drummer)
Play the seeding song which is decided on the day from this list:
Just like Heaven – The Cure
I wanna Be Sedated – The Ramones
Stop Me if you think you’ve heard this one before – The Smiths
Get Free – The Vines
Killing Loneliness – H.I.M
Heart of Glass – Blondie

Get into the Top 4 and stay there
Come back at 2 O’Clock to see if your band is through to the next round
Pick a song for your band, as the other 3 bands do the same, then play all 4 with the lowest scoring band being eliminated.
Pick another song, as the other 2 bands again do the same, lowest score gets elminated.
Final’s will be each band picking a song and playing the final setlist of 2, Highest score wins.

Need more details? Grab them after the break.

See more rules and details

London MCM Expo

It’s that time of year again and DDR:UK are once more attending MCM Expo, this time for three full days! This time around Expo will be open all of Friday as well as the usual weekend days and, of course, DDR:UK will be there all three days with our usual selection of games.

As always we’re coming jam packed with all your favourite games including,

Þ     Rockband

Þ     D.O.N

Þ     Singstar

Þ     Street fighter

Þ     Melty Blood and many more.

And as always we’ll be running the tombola all weekend where you can win some awesome prizes and have a chance to win the grand prize!

Throughout Saturday and Sunday a variety of tournaments will be running all over the stand (more details later) so don’t forget to come over and sign up for your chance to win!

We need you! Yes you, not you, the other you!

We are fast approaching the London MCM Expo in May 2011, and we are looking for Volunteers to help out during the event. We are not looking for any one, we are looking for people who will be willing to put up with the extra workload that this will put on you, and understand that you may not have as much fun as you think you will. – It probably does not sell the part, but I have to be honest up front.

I will update this list as time goes along, as we may need more people than this initial list, but I will ensure to update the usual areas to ensure people know I have made an update.

So here is what we are currently looking for!

Area 1: Someone to record and film what happens on the stand. We have a number of tournaments and side events going along at the May Expo, and it would be great if we can get someone in to film what is going on. We already have a small video camera, however any additional help here would be great. We would try and get these on the website during the show, and/or get them up after she show as full pieces. One thing we do lack is video proof of what is going on during the day!

Area 2: People to cosplay characters from the games that we have on, to get more people to play, and to pose for photographs and such. It sounds very cheesy, but it would make the stand more interesting, and get people taking photos of the stand! – I am being selfish, but I would like to see more photographs of our stand actually in use. If allowed, I may try and get some flyers printed as well.

Area 3: After event reports, we are looking for help with some write ups on how you feel the event went for yourself, this doesn’t just have to apply to Expo, but for other events as well. Trying to see if we can get some more details on the website.

Area 4: Assistance with obtaining games and arcade parts for the stand, looking for new things for us to try. Additionally help with repair and maintenance of some of the machines, to try and get more up and running.

I will probably post more areas as the time goes along, so watch this space!


Heavy man heavy

Rock Band 2′s dominance as the platform of choice for playing music with tiny plastic instruments had to come to an end one day, eh folks? What better way to see it out than with our usual Rock Band Tournaments at the Expo, So it came to pass that the day after Rock Band 3′s arrival, we would have our last Rock Band 2 tournament at the October MCM London Expo.

What follows is a full write up of all the scores, With a little happy thrown in here and there.

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